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October 31, 2010
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Part 5

Dark and Link entered the small inn and went up to the bar, where the innkeeper stood smiling to greet them.

"What can I do for you two?" He said, his voice not faltering, despite the death glare Dark was sending. The man kept on smiling.

"We need one room." Dark answered with a growl. He did not like this man. He was short and stocky, yet strong, but his eyes were shifty. He wore a tunic like theirs, but his was tied with rope. His shoes were not a poor man's shoes, but that of a rich man. Dark, unlike Link, knew what a thief looked like, and this guy was certainly fit the profile. The man nodded, giving them a key to room number 4.

They walked into the room, Dark putting their stuff on the floor next to the bed. It was queen sized, although barely seemed big enough for two. Link stared at the bed in worry and wonder. How are we both going to fit on that small bed! Link thought.

Dark locked the door. It was around 9 o'clock at night and he was tired, his body hurt. Link stood in the middle of the room and watched as Dark laid down and pulled the covers over himself. Link stood there as though waiting for a sign to tell him what to do.

"Link, come to bed! Don't worry, the bed is big enough for us both. Since you like to snuggle in your sleep, there will be plenty of room." Dark said in a voice that sounded like he was talking to a wild animal. Link walked over to the bed and laid down as far away from Dark as he could, almost falling off the bed. Dark pulled him up, making Link rest his head on his shoulder. Dark then growled, "Go to sleep! I did not save you from those bitches to have you get sick from sleeping on a cold floor. So come sleep next to me where it is warm." Link nodded, snuggling up to Dark, and tried to fall asleep.

In about 15 minutes, he was sleeping peacefully. Dark on the other hand was worried because Link was trusting him, and that in itself was weird. But in the state he found Link in, and what he had heard during Zelda's rant, had also caused him much worry. He looked over to where Link was sleeping on his shoulder and said under his breathe, "What happened to you, Link?"

Dark pulled Link closer in a protective manor, and fell into a peaceful sleep.

~time skip~

Dark woke up to the sound of yelling and clashing swords down the hall. He sat up, Link waking up as he did. Link looked confused, not understanding the noises because he was still half asleep. Dark then got out of bed, grabbed their stuff and dropped it outside their window, since they were on the first floor. Link was still half asleep and was starting to doze off again, even though the fighting sounds grew louder. Dark looked around outside and saw the stables just a little ways off. He went back to the bed, wrapped a blanket around Link, picked him up bridal style, and proceeded to climb out the window. By the time Dark had picked up their stuff, the sounds had reached their room. Dark ran towards the stables and found their horse, in the care of the stable boy.

"Boy, put the saddle on the horse quickly, and quietly," Dark whispered/growled. The boy did as he was told and then untied the horse and stepped back. Dark put Link on the front in the saddle and hopped up behind him. Dark then kicked the horse until it was in a full gallop, heading full speed away from the town.
yus ^^ i updated and thank you to my wonderful beta :iconwarrior-27:!
i have others stories in deathly need of beta-ing! if any one knows some one who would beta for my others stories please tell me TT^TT (there will be a lot of updating due to me being sick and not able to do anything)
Prevous part: [link]
Next: [link]
and :iconvoodooplz: to all haters TT^TT
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